17th September 2020

HR Teams – Here are LifeWorks’ top 5 reasons you should hire a veteran

Ok the situation has changed since the start of the pandemic, but you’re looking to hire new staff. You’re busy, fed up with high turnover and keen to get the right person in. A person who can be relied on. A person with bags of experience. A person with the get up and go you need at the moment. A person who has served their country?

RBLI have been providing training and development to the veteran community for 100 years and the LifeWorks team in particular, are experts in veteran employment – we know what they can bring to civilian businesses. There are many organisations out there with veterans in every level of their business including top management. Why? Because the skills, knowledge and attitude they bring can help businesses grow.

Please read on for RBLI’s Head of Armed Forces Employment Support’s top 5 reasons we think you should consider hiring more veterans.

  1. Effective communication – Everyone wants staff who can communicate well and effective communication is a core skill developed from the commencement of all military training. Whether on a humanitarian mission, in combat or supporting other Government agencies, communication is vital and can be the difference between success and failure or life and death.
  2. Teamwork – I couldn’t talk about veterans without talking about that incredible transferable skill – teamwork! Integral to life in the military where your life really can depend on your mates, veterans know when to rely on colleagues’ expertise and when to take the lead themselves.
  3. Organisation – Ok, this is a big one. Of course when you recruit you want someone who fits the specific skillset you’re looking for, but it’s also extremely important for your business to make sure they don’t get overwhelmed with the day to day – particularly post COVID.  Key competencies of veterans include time management and the ability to prioritise – and delegate if necessary.
  4. Resilience and adaptability – We are keen to dispel the unhelpful rhetoric regarding veterans being ‘mad, bad or sad’, it is actually the case that the majority of veterans are able to transition to civilian life well and can be an asset to any civilian business – particularly when they find the right fit. There are always difficult times whatever your business, and its always good to have someone you can trust to look through the negatives and find the way forward. In addition if you need someone to muck in and be flexible, a veteran is the man (or woman!) you need!
  5. Quick Learners – Since they joined the military, veterans have been used to thinking on their feet and quickly learning new skills. Many are excellent at promptly assimilating new knowledge and applying it to real-life situations. If you want someone on your team who will grow with a role, pick a veteran.

We at LifeWorks are firm believers that #VeteransCan. Despite the difficulties some may face upon leaving the military, a vast majority go on to lead successful and fulfilling careers, positively influencing those around them and making a real difference.

They joined the military for a reason, often because, at an early age, they wanted to make a difference. And we know they will make a difference to your organisation too – given the chance.