15 May 2020


Another busy week for LifeWorks team who have been engaging with our referral partners to ensure they are all aware of our new ways of working, and exactly how we are able to support the Armed Forces community remotely whilst the restrictions remain in place.

We continue to support veterans and families and just this week we have spent over 70 hours on individual and group remote coaching and providing ReachBack support to those who have already attended a LifeWorks course.

Remote and online support are actually not new to the LifeWorks team, in fact this period of lockdown has presented us with an opportunity to remind everyone just how flexible and bespoke our support programmes can be.

So what support is specifically available for Armed Forces Families?

Our online learning course materials have been specifically designed for families of Serving Personnel and veterans. The course is designed so that families can work their way through remotely from anywhere in the world in their own time and at their own pace. We have seen a number of families register on our online platform course this week, so if you haven’t already we would recommend you take a look a sign up here.

Families support also includes adult children, a cohort who have been hugely affected during these challenging times, many of whom have not been able to finish their education and gain that all important career guidance to help them plan for the future. This week, our Employability Coach Stuart, has been working with Millie, an 18 year old school leaver whose parents both served in the Army and is facing exactly this predicament. Millie’s already received support and guidance from an RBLI Vocational Assessors to help provide career path guidance based on her personality type and interests. Our Vocational Assessors use detailed assessment tools to help guide and shape their conversations. Following on from that Millie is now working directly with Stuart, Employability Coach to improve her CV and apply for marketing apprenticeships. Millie said “I would really recommend this to anyone who is in my situation and doesn’t know what they want to do or just needs a bit of help”.

We held our very first group Skype session with delegates from the previous two Cardiff courses

As part of our ‘normal’ process, all beneficiaries are eligible for lifelong ReachBack support but in addition to this – the ‘new normal’, we are currently running group Skype calls for anyone who has been through our programmes already. The first call was informal with each member choosing to give an update not only about their job searching experiences recently, but also how they are coping with the lockdown in general. One member told us how she had just missed out on a job recently, but then received a phone call offering her the role as the successful applicant had not turned up on their first day! The day she started the company went into lockdown so she has had to learn the role very quickly and in her own home but she absolutely loves her new job and is making the most of keeping in touch with her new colleagues via video technology. She was hugely grateful for the confidence and skills LifeWorks unearthed!

Another first was a group Skype introduction for new clients

This week we also hosted a short session for new delegates who have been unable to attend a face to face course. As a result of the Skype call, Stuart has commenced remote coaching around job searching for 3 delegates and is helping all of them with CV support. One of the group has sadly been made redundant due to the current climate but we are confident we will be able to help this veteran back into work quickly.

Top tip!

Families – don’t forget to register for our FREE online employability courses here.