30 March 2020


The team have had a busy week with a great deal of time spent on providing valuable support to those who have already attended courses previously or were due to attend a course that has since been postponed. For the second week running, Roger Leeder (Progression Advisor) has reported a very busy week helping those who are part of our 12 month Reachback. To put it simply, everyone is answering their phones! Amongst his 33(!) engagements this week, he has also had some fantastic feedback from 2 delegates who thanked the team for helping them to secure the jobs that they had identified whilst on the course. One of these was described simply as his “dream job”, which is always pleasing.

The period of restriction has allowed people to make best use of the time to concentrate not only on working towards their goals, but also spend time on themselves. This has been reflected in the conversations that Roger has had, as many people have commented that they have commenced online training courses or research during this time.

Several very productive coaching sessions have been carried out with former delegates, with one currently being supported to apply for a vacancy that closes on Sunday. It was also great for one of our coaches to receive this feedback via LinkedIn, “#stayingathome just wanted to let you know I passed my CAVA course that you guys recommended on the lifeworks course. Spent the last few weeks in isolation being productive on my last few assignments. Result! Thank you for giving me the confidence to go for it and the nudge I needed”. It’s a small statement that makes the time spent supporting people worthwhile.

As a team we have been making contact with everyone who was scheduled to attend a course or have been referred to LifeWorks. This has seen us make contact with an additional 13 beneficiaries, all of who are being offered a range of support that best meets their very varied needs and a plan tailored to achieving this. All of this work is being monitored and recorded, enabling us to quickly readapt when face-to-face courses can return. The reoccurring message has been of thanks for continuing to do so even with so much going on in terms of restrictions.

Despite the busy goings on, it’s important that we are also reactive and creative, making best use of technology. Several videos have been recorded with these expected to go out via social media over the coming weeks, with many more in the planning. A short job searching video is also in production, with some handy tips and advice for making best use of the current period.