13th April 2020


Assessing the change

Many if not most of us at some stage in our career will find ourselves in a rut or have a need to find alternative employment. After a while, for many veterans, a once promising and interesting civilian job can become routine and repetitive and no longer inspiring. Alternatively things may have changed in the workplace and you no longer feel supported or your job becomes too stressful, there are changing life patterns or ill health or redundancy which means that you wish to re-evaluate your direction in life. Is there a better opportunity to undertake this review than when you have considerable time on your hands?

During the current restrictions Royal British Legion Industries’ LifeWorks assessors have developed online support capability and supported many veterans and military families who have been looking to change career, re-join the workforce or simply need advice. As well as providing information around career direction and career planning we have aimed to inspire and motivate beneficiaries so that they will be in the best position possible to re-enter the job market when the UK starts to return to normal and the economy begins to pick up.

The LifeWorks vocational assessment gives an individual an insight into the skills and abilities that they bring to a potential organisation so that they can apply for jobs with confidence and are able to sell themselves properly at a job interview. A vocational assessment enables you to explore the opportunities that are potentially available no matter what stage in your career you are at. Vocational assessment combines an understanding of yourself with an understanding of the current employment market so if you are looking to change, want to know what you can offer an organisation make that contact today. When combined with the employability advice and guidance offered by our experienced and empathetic coaches, the LifeWorks programme makes a resoundingly positive impact on the veterans and military families who enrol.