1st June 2020

Need a change of direction? Why LifeWorks and our vocational assessments can help your career.

“Turning to the right in threes… RIGHT TURN!”

Are you sick of heading in the same direction? Do you not really know which way to turn? Do you need a new target? If so, why not get in touch with the LifeWorks team and have a chat with one of our subject matter experts?

We’ll let Anna explain;

As an Occupational Psychologist in training, specialising in in vocational psychology, my role in the LifeWorks team is to enable people to make better career decisions. I am amazed at the various ways people make career decisions: some choose a career because of family tradition; others take a rational approach, analysing their skills, interests and matching these with jobs; others rely on gut instinct and what feels right; for many, career decision-making appears haphazard and they seem to ‘fall’ into roles. All these decision-making approaches can lead to successful career outcomes. It’s important you get it right, so we would suggest that, if you need advice, please get in touch, but if your decision-making approach is working and leading to positive outcomes – keep doing it!

There are two reasons why a veteran of military or family member (young or not so young) may benefit from a one-to-one with myself (or one of my colleagues): a) They are struggling to make a career decision, i.e. the decision making approach used in the past is no longer working or b) They may have made a career decision, but it may not be the right one for them at that time for all sorts of reasons. If they have any doubts about the decision, they may benefit from talking through their decision-making process.

Whilst there is always a degree of uncertainty when making a career decision, at some point a decision will be made. The next step is to go for it and the LifeWorks trainers can enable this transition by: collaboratively developing an action plan; helping to develop the knowledge and ability to apply for roles; helping to develop the skills needed to perform well at selection (interviews, application forms etc.); helping to develop a person’s resilience to cope with the inevitable rejection that will occur; and, helping to develop various coping strategies when the transition to a new role has been made.

Without doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to rethink their career and, for many, has increased the need to find work that will help pay their bills. Undoubtedly finding meaningful work, that is right for you and you are right for, will improve your mental health, confidence and performance, so please think about asking us to help you change direction. You can contact our teams by emailing lifeworks@rbli.co.uk or calling 0800 319 6944.

Anna has worked with us for 5 years and specialises in career profiling, vocational assessments, workplace needs assessments, delivering and developing training courses; coaching neurodiverse employees and delivering Disability Awareness training.