6 April 2020


Firstly we would like to say a huge thank you to the Veterans Foundation who this week kindly provided funds to help us support veterans through the current period. This allows us to continue to offer vital support to those who need it most. There are many who we were already engaging with, but there is no doubt that the number requiring support is going to increase greatly over the coming months. It’s important that we are able to actively reach out to these people and offer them support tailored to their specific needs. These funds allow us to do that, which is great news to our passionate team.

A key element of any of our courses is the aftercare support that is provided, which in the case of veterans lasts for 12 months and is known as Reachback. This involves our Progression Advisor making regular, scheduled contact and often giving various Information, Advice and Guidance. There are currently 350 veterans receiving this support and he has been in contact with 41 of them this week via several means. Although most of the enquiries have been of a similar nature, he has dealt with several who have asked questions around the furlough scheme. Roger has been able to direct them towards a legal firm who have up to date, accurate information on their website.

We had 18 people who have been contacted by a Vocational Assessor this week. These have all been offered tailored support that best meets their needs at this moment in time. This varies greatly and is very much client led. We work with them all in a way that is most comfortable for them, utilising the personnel and resources that we have available. 6 of these have already commenced work with a coach looking at various areas of employability, mostly starting with their CV’s before progressing onto the elements that they are requiring.

There has also been high quality work carried out with those who have attended courses previously. This includes both job application and confidence building support, both of which are vital at any time. It was pleasing to receive a thank you on Sunday evening from one who had managed to get her application sent prior to the midnight deadline, although she now has an extended wait to know the outcome!

On top of all this we also get the regular enquires from those who are working hard to support those in the community and often come to ourselves for information. This morning we had this response from one such star, “Good morning guys, have linked up the Sussex SSAFA and sent him the link. He has said he’ll contact them, so fingers crossed. Thanks for your input, means a lot. Be safe guys”.