8 JUNE 2020

sarah’S STORY

“When I left my mum at the train station last Sunday to travel up to the course, I had a fleeting feeling that it could possibly be the last time I would ever see her. I had been feeling so low, with frequent suicidal thoughts.

However, the warm welcome I received on Monday morning from Claire, James, Anna, Stu and Nige completely turned things around. Being with other ex-military veterans made me feel like I belonged again, and I laughed (and cried) every day of the course.

On the Monday night, I received news that I had been invited to interview at University Commercial Service Plymouth, a job that I felt was a little out of reach, but one that I liked the sound of.

Throughout the week, spending time with the LifeWorks Vocational Assessors helped me identify my strengths, and understand why my current role was not a match – this lifted so much guilt and pressure off me.

I started to think that I could move on and it wasn’t all my fault. 

Support from the team and most importantly – the other veterans – helped me to see something in myself that I had completely lost sight of.

I was then able to use the job description and my CV to conduct the practice interview. The interview preparation gave me a safe space to practice my techniques, and getting some constructive feedback from my mock interviewer Ursula gave me the confidence to believe in myself at the real interview. One of the other veterans even helped give me some ideas for the two presentations I had to prepare for.

I used three of the questions taken directly from the  leaflet the team gave me at the end of the interview, which really made the panel think.

The next morning, I used the thank you email exactly as worded in the ‘interview book’ and within 40 minutes of sending it, received a phone call saying that I had been successful in the 2 panels and they wanted to offer me the job!


The manager said that my people skills were abundantly clear – and that he was very impressed with the questions I had asked – because it challenged them and made them consider their purpose.

After the news I called my hubby, my mum and of course send messages to the LifeWorks team and the other veterans on my course. 

Without the course, I would not have been anywhere near physically or mentally prepared for the interview. The work the team do is so powerful.

Thank you all so much, I feel in a positive place and this has everything to do with the week I spent with a team of incredible people.